About the Author

My pen name is Natomi Karkael. Natomi comes from the letters of the three names I normally go by. Karkael was a character name that I made up but never used. I am the daughter of Nigerian immigrants and live in metro-Atlanta. The most important parts of my life are my faith, family and friends. I enjoy stories of nearly every genre although most of them are films or television shows.

The stories that I produce will be similar to the stories I enjoy. These stories will not have graphic sexual scenes or profanity. They will have violence and some of it is intense. Every violent act has a purpose. For example, in the series there is the Galactic War and many citizens of the Reverie perish. This horrible event changes TEGR into a more powerful organization. All of the books are similar in the amount of violence they have, but each book has its own set of circumstances.

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